Open Consultation - SRIA for the European Partnership for Personalised Medicine

Thank you for your participation in this Open Consultation for the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) to support the EP PerMed.

The consultation is open until December 21, 2022.

The outcome of the online consultation will be considered for the SRIA finalisation (02/2023) and the EP PerMed proposal (04/2023) as well as for developing activities and calls within the EP PerMed lifetime (Q4/2023-2030).

This questionnaire will take around 30 min to complete.

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European Partnership for Personalised Medicine (EP PerMed)

The EP PerMed is one of the European research and innovation partnerships under Horizon Europe which will be dedicated to maximising the benefits of personalised medicine (PM) approaches. The core of the partnership is to invest in multidisciplinary, transnational research (basic, clinical, and translational) and innovation activities that will build and disseminate new knowledge, develop new technologies and methods, as well as supporting testing and piloting of the implementation of PM approaches. In addition, the partnership will include supportive activities contributing to policy, regulation and strengthening the field of health economics.

Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) to support the EP PerMed

The EP PerMed SRIA, which is currently in preparation will guide the funding and supporting activities.

The EP PerMed SRIA presents gaps, needs and challenges which should be addressed to maximise the benefits of personalised medicine approaches and ensure that there is an equal access to these approaches. The SRIA is divided into three areas of activities, “Interdisciplinary research including basic, translational and clinical”, “Innovation system” and “Implementation setting” together with "Overarching activities". The consortium together with international experts and stakeholders have collected input and analysed reports.

Presented in this open consultation are the key elements of the SRIA the so-called Triplets of Action, ToA, related to personalised medicine. The challenge/objective/outcome sequence allows to specify gaps, needs and actions in a structured and comparable way, following this definition:

  • Challenge: Description of the status quo, indication/indicates what is still lacking, why this is the case and what negative consequences this has.
  • Objectives: Indicates what exactly should be done to address the challenge in terms of specific actions.
  • Outcome: Description of how the situation will have improved once the actions described in the objectives have been successfully implemented. 

The Triplets of Action will give an overview of needs and gaps and guide the prioritisation of challenges and subsequent actions. So far, a total of 47 Triplets of Action were identified and are presented in this open consultation. This list represents a first summary, adapted to a common format, but is not exhaustive and open for further input and refinement.

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